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Buyers Guide for Choosing the Right Nursery Decor

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Buyers Guide for Choosing the Right Nursery Decor

Buyers Guide for Choosing the Right Nursery DecorChoosing Your Nursery Decor Whether it's a pirate lamp to match his pirate theme, or a princess picture frame, a few accessories have the ability to bring your nursery together. Deciding on nursery decor, can be tricky, but to make it easier, try breaking your baby's room down into the three main decorating areas: the walls, the windows and the floor.

Nursery Wall Decor
  • Growth Charts: The best way to see how quickly your baby is growing is with a growth chart. Growth charts can be as simple as marking your child's height, or as creative as adding photographs, handprints, or accomplishments.
  • Memory Boards: Let your baby see that he or she is loved by decorating your baby's room with a memory board. Memory board come in all colors and designs and allow you to change photos.
  • Wall Hangings: Wall hangings are a stylish way to personalize your baby's nursery. Try decorating your child's wall with hanging letters to give the room a unique and individual touch. Choose the hand-painted letters in a color and font that best fits your nursery theme. Plus, hanging your child's name on the wall provides a sense of self-importance.

    Nursery Window Decor
    When you walk in a room, your eyes automatically gravitate toward the windows because of the natural light, so it's important to dress your child's windows with a decorative window valance that is welcoming. Window valances come in a variety of colors, prints and styles. Choose a window valance with a print or color that coordinates well with the overall nursery theme.

    Nursery Floor Decor
    To keep unnecessary items from cluttering your nursery, try to limit floor nursery decor to space-saving, practical items like hampers, toy boxes and wastebaskets. Place these essential accessories in places that make sense. You want your nursery to look attractive, but more importantly, you want it to be efficient. If you have hardwood floors, you might want to consider an accent rug that matches the nursery theme.
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