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Bedroom Furniture Style Guide: Our Guide to Bedroom Furniture Styles and Buying Online

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Bedroom Furniture Style Guide: Our Guide to Bedroom Furniture Styles and Buying Online

Your bedroom is a sanctuary for relaxation. Creating a comfortable sleep environment is the obvious priority in bedroom design, and the most important piece of bedroom furniture for achieving the look you want is obviously the bed itself. We offer hundreds of different bedroom furniture pieces and bed frame styles, from simple metal headboards to luxurious wood sleigh beds.
In fact, just in case our variety of bed frames is too large and overwhelming, we've compiled some helpful information to guide you through the design and selection process. Please read below for more information about any of today's most popular bedroom furniture styles.
We've identified several major design trends in our bedroom furniture:Casual, Contemporary/Modern, Country, Children's Furniture, Rustic, Mission/Shaker, Leather, Wicker, Traditional and Transitional styles are some of our current favorite bedroom furniture styles.

Traditional Bedroom Furniture Traditional Bedroom Furniture
Traditional bedroom furniture is elegant & timeless.
Traditional bedroom furniture features velvety or silky finishes and graceful curves. Sleigh beds and poster beds often exemplify the traditional style. Less grand and a bit more casual, these bedroom furniture pieces have fewer fussy details. Edges are smooth and soft, contributing to a homey, welcoming feel. The classic details of traditional furniture are reflections of the periods and influences of years gone by; Colonial, French Country and Neo-Classical design ideals are blended in this bedroom furniture style. You will recognize it when you see it - the traditional bedroom furniture style has been the popular choice for home furnishings for over a century.

Contemporary/Modern Bedroom Furniture Contemporary/Modern Bedroom Furniture
Contemporary bedroom furniture features simplicity & clean lines.
Clean lines, neutral elements and bold color characterize contemporary/modern bedroom furnishings. This bedroom furniture style is known for its underlying simplicity of line, shape, form, and attention to practical functions as compared to the dramatic and lavish appearances of traditional bedroom furniture styles. Modern bedroom furniture often incorporates classic and traditional features in subtle, understated ways.
Our popular platform beds are characteristic of this bedroom furniture style, offering uncomplicated bed elevation and a simple, unpretentious aesthetic.

Transitional Bedroom Furniture Transitional Bedroom Furniture
Transitional furniture is versatile, blending seamlessly into almost any setting.
Transitional style is easy to approach for the do-it-yourself designer. Transitional bedroom furniture combines both contemporary and traditional furniture styles. Transitional bedroom furniture join austere lines with fancy curves, and natural wood finishes with sleek, brushed metals; it easily adapts and blends in with a wide range of styles. The versatility of transitional bedroom furniture makes it a good choice if you're not sure which of the less flexible styles suits your taste or your home - transitional furniture works in pretty much any setting.

Casual Bedroom Furniture Casual Bedroom Furniture
Rectangular & softly curved elements contribute to a casual feel.
Casual bedroom sets are comfortable, warm, inviting, and homey. Simple details, textured elements of upholstery, and minimalist horizontal lines characterize this bedroom furniture style. Rectangular and softly curved elements contribute to a casual feel. The bedroom furniture is large in scale and selected for comfort and utility with less emphasis on intricate details.

Country Bedroom Furniture Country Bedroom Furniture
Country-style bedroom furniture is both casual & unpretentious.
Country style has been reinvented. Previously recognized as being archaic and almost campy, 'country style' lost a bit of its appeal in the context of the popular contemporary and modern styles. However, as country-style bedroom furniture is both casual and unpretentious, its traditional charm has prevailed, making it again one of the most popular furniture styles on the market. Often containing a period flavor, this bedroom furniture style is both rustic and romantic with graceful curves and comfortable style.

Mission/Shaker Bedroom Furniture Mission/Shaker Bedroom Furniture
Mission bedrooms are simple, elegant and uniquely American.
Mission bedroom furniture can be identified by its clean straight lines, evoking the same organic beauty as Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural designs. Its style is simple, utilitarian and uniquely American. Mission style furniture is the distinctive product of the simple woodworking and exposed joinery used by Spanish missionaries in Southwestern North America. Fumed oak is the material most characteristic of this style, and accents of warm colored fabrics and leathers complete the look.

Leather Bedroom Furniture Leather Bedroom Furniture
Leather bedrooms are impressive and sensual.
Leather bedroom furniture is a new trend, born from the union of contemporary, European and mission styles. Leather bedroom furniture offers a luxurious and dramatic look in any bedroom. Warm chocolates and sumptuous midnight blacks are the ideal colors for these impressively upholstered beds. Leather panel beds may be either completely or partially upholstered with sensual leather. Look for creamy linens with colorful accents to make a leather bed even more welcoming.

Wicker Bedroom Furniture Wicker Bedroom Furniture
Wicker bedroom furniture can be enchanting and exotic.
Wicker has found its way from the patio to the bedroom. Beautifully interlaced canes and reeds of wicker and rattan furniture evoke the intoxicating tropical look of the islands of the South Pacific or the wistful ease of a rose-encircled garden cottage. The two most popular styles of wicker bedroom furniture are the darker, natural finished tropical rattans and the bright white loom weaves of cottage-style wicker. Either way, wicker beds offer faraway enchantment to city or suburban homes.

Children's Bedroom Furniture Children's Bedroom Furniture
The neutral color in this set is ideal for any girl's room.
Children's Furniture is fun, adventurous, and imaginative in appearance. We carry everything from bunk beds to race car beds. Children's beds come in a variety of colors and styles. Canopy beds are the popular choice for young girls. If you are looking for extra storage then beds with storage drawers underneath are the perfect choice. Browse through our kid's d
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