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Self massage techniques

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Self massage techniques

Self massage techniques that help stimulate blood flow, relaxing motions and keeps a body staying healthy and looking healthy.
When you start rubbing your neck, shoulders when your muscles are sore or tense, instinctively you are giving yourself a self-massage, a holistic healing method. Self-massaging is also more then a pain releaser, it is also a good health motive. If you are already in good health, self-massaging on a routine schedule is an excellent way to prevent illness. If your ill, self-massaging can help with the healing process.
Self massage is a proven remedy for fatique, insomnia, muscle tension, muscle weakness, circulatory disorders, skin problems and joint pain. If performed slowly and carefully, self-massaging relaxes the body, improves ones circulation and helps reduce swelling. Performed quickly, it lessens fatique and revitalizes the body. You can use your hands, a massage belt or massage glove to give your massage.
The effects from a self massage will stimulate blood flow, thereby relaxing tense muscles and relieving the pain. It also helps heal some injuries, such as sprains, by bringing fresh oxygen to the injured tissue. Depending on the technique used, you can either stimulate yourself or harmonize your nervous system. First before you begin, you must be in the correct position. Lie down on the bed or couch or sit in a comfortable chair that supports back and neck. Massage one part of the body at a time, don't rush yourself, give yourself about twenty minutes if possible.

Techniques for self-massage:
Rubbing: To stimulate circulation and release muscle tension, rub your muscles in a circular motion with palm of hand or fingers.
Vibrating: Use rhythmic knocking or light slapping with flat of hand to improve blood circulation and to help relax muscles.
Kneading: Using a warm vegetable oil or essential oil of your favorite aroma, lavender is very calming, knead your muscles as if you were working with bread dough.
Final Stroking: End each massage with gentle strokes, slowly moving outward motion.

A facial massage:
  • Using the pads of your fingertips, apply an oil to the certain areas of your order; forehead, temples, nose, cheeks, chin and then ears. Start from center of each area and slowly move outward. Then place your middle and index finger between your nose and upper lip, move in circular motion around your mouth.
  • Third; place the tips of your index, midle and ring fingers close together on your forehead and rub outward towards the temples, making circular motions and applying gentle pressure. Next, move in circular motions from your nose, across your cheeks towards your ears. Move down to hinge of jaw and massage jaw arra. To fnish up, lightly tap your entire face with index finger and middle finger on both hands, moving from center of face outward.
  • If you want to use a tool in your self-massage, I would recommend you use a loofah mitt or any other glove made from natural fibers. These tools are good for reduce fatique. begin with your legs, gently brush your skin in a circular motion. Work upward and in towards the heart. This massage is great to do in the morning before a shower. It will help you wake up and at the same wake up your blood flow for the day.
  • Warning: Look carefully at your skin before beginning any massage. In areas where the skin is red, or broken out be extra careful with massaging these areas, do not use harsh pressure, and keep in an outward motion.
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